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Thomson Data is one of the fastest growing list providers with an extensive database, which serves all the major industries. We are committed to offer cost effective data services that can help companies expand reach to new prospects and also enhance communication with existing customers. We offer highly responsive and quality email lists that are custom built based on various demographic selects to help our clients reach the right prospects on the right time.

Thomson Data Reveals 2 Weeks Exciting Offer For Labor Day

Thomson Data has announced an excellent deal for this year’s Labor Day. This exclusive discount holds effective on every email list. Also, the company made this offer valid for two weeks with an extra 10% off for early birds.



While speaking to the media, John Duff, Marketing Manager at Thomson Data, says, “This year, we are extremely excited to reveal the special offer for the Labor Day. Thomson Data always look forward to building more partnership and opportunities. Hence make the best use of this deal and improve your business revenue. Our latest deal holds valid from September 3rd to 14th. Celebrate your Labor Day with us by building a strong customer base.” Therefore, it is the correct time to invest in marketing solutions.


The Stunning Deal Starts from September 3rd and Expires on September 15th. Bring your business to the new level with this fantastic offer!


Service Offers:

$3500 - $5000: Flat $250 Off (Additional 5% Off for First 5 Customers)

$5000 - $10000: Flat $500 Off (Additional 5% Off for First 5 Customers)

$10000 - $15000: Flat $1000 Off (Additional 10% Off for First 5 Customers)

$15000 and Above: Flat $1500 Off (Additional 10% Off for First 5 Customers)


About Thomson Data:


Thomson Data is the B2B sales lead provider that specializes in data-driven marketing and B2B account profiling services. Avail the Thomson Data’s solution to improve your ROI and conversion rates tremendously. They provide email appending services that reduces your marketing cost and thereby boost the sales of the business.

For more Information:

Visit: https://www.thomsondata.com/press-release/exciting-labor-day-offer-2018.php
Phone: 800-385-8221
Email: sales@thomsondata.com

Source: http://www.thomsondata.com/press-release/exciting-labor-day-offer-2018.php